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Running a business without a website? How about riding a bike without a helmet? You are carrying the same risk with your business. On one side where the website is your identity on the digital world, on the other side, it is a symbol of trust and credibility for your existing and potential clients. A Website plays an important role in creating brand awareness for your company. It is your virtual visiting card with all the details about your company rolled into one link address. An address that homes the vision of the company. Through your website, the visitors come to know about your company, what you do and to whom have you served with your services in the past. Psychology says people are more convinced when they see what you have done instead of you telling them, which stands tall to the famous adage “Action speaks louder than words”. Since we are living in an evolved digital era, a website has made it easier for you to reach out to people who are left out of the net.

It is recommended to leave this job for a website development company in Mumbai who knows the technicalities of the process. An online presence is made effective by keeping in check certain parameters like optimizing and marketing at the right time on the right platform with the right strategy. Instead of you shifting your focus from your business, why not just leave this on a website design company to improve your visibility on the internet and possibly turn your visitors into customers.

Let us dig deep into different types of website so that you can understand which type of website is suitable for your business. There are 3 types of websites and all of them have been described below in short and precise words.

What is A Static Website ?

A static website is the most basic type of website which contains web pages where the content is fixed. Coded in HTML and easy to create, it displays the same information to every visitor until you update the content manually with the help of webmaster.

What is A Dynamic Website ?

A dynamic website comes with the ability to adopt different situations. Its dynamic features enable the content to change depending on the viewer, time of the day, viewer’s native language and other factors. Other than that, you can change the content on the website whenever you need without the help of webmaster

What is A E-Commerce Website ?

Also known as electronic commerce, An E-commerce website is meant for the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet and commercial transaction is facilitated through the internet. E-commerce refers specifically to the transaction of goods and services

This is all you should know about a website. But this is just what a website is and why you should have a website. But do you think that your website is the only one out there? The bitter reality is no. Internet is flooded with a million websites. To catch eyes your website has to be good enough to gravitate the audience of internet and divert the website to your eyes. It is the website that establishes the awareness of a brand in the market. To establish a good enough foundation, now you need to understand what a good website looks like, how is it different from a regular website and what makes it a good website. Now let’s talk about what is a good website.

A good web design agency in Mumbai will out emphasis on the following key elements

1. Appearance

The appearance of a website plays an important role in the website. A good looking and visually appealing website with a properly placed content with good and relative images are more likely to make the visitor stick to the website for a longer time. Website is the first impression of your company, you obviously want to make it a lasting impression. Your website along with a visually appealing appearance should have the essence of your business. This helps the customer in two ways. One, they stick to your website for a longer time and tend to explore more on your websites and two, when your website gives the essence of your business, they automatically know what you are dealing into and how you can be helpful to them. Trivoli Digital has the team of the best web designers in Mumbai.

How can you make your website Visually Appealing?

• Readable and easy to understand Content
The content on your website should always be in a readable font and size and should be in an easy to understand language. So that when a visitor reads your content, that person should not be switching to a dictionary again and again to understand simple concepts. We are one of the top web design company in Mumbai, who could provide quality content for your website. Other than that, how you can visually make your content appealing is by using different font styles and sizes to differentiate between topics, definitions and many other. Writing the content in paragraphs and giving headlines to every paragraph makes it easier for the reader to understand what context are you talking in.

• A decent combination of Color
The color used on your website is the primary source of attracting internet users and keeping them on your website for a longer time. A color combination that blends well and creates a tone of the website goes a long way. In this digital world, internet users are leaning more towards what is visually attracting. Hence, to drive traffic to your website and if you want people to share your website content to other people, your website needs to be that much interesting and attractive. As one of the best web design companies in Mumbai, our team knows the importance of correct color combination.

• A good collection of Photos
People who have moved to digital platforms and see their business booming on the internet, need to have a good and high-quality collection of photos. If you are selling a product on the internet, you should have good pictures of the product which gives an in detail picture of the product. This helps people get a proper glance of the product as if the product is right in front of them. In this way, you create an impact on their emotional and psychological buying behavior. You can easily bend the type of product and features preferences one might have while making a purchase for that particular product. At Trivoli Digital- as a leading web design and development company in Mumbai, we have a team of photographers and designers to beautify your website with their creative skill.

• An attractive Graphics
Graphics play an equally important role as content. Graphics lure people into taking action on your website. Be it registering on your website, enquiring about a product or even leaving a website or phone number for you to make the further move. But this happens only when you have creative and attractive graphics on your website. Other than that, you can also convey messages through graphic images which doesn’t create much impact when put in words. We have the one of the best graphic designers team among all the web design company in Kandivali.

• Simplicity
Simplicity is the key for any website to keep visitors look for more on more on your website. A simple website doesn’t confuse the visitor with complex designs, animations, and other effects, and simply guide the visitor to their desired page and give the visitor whatever they are looking for. One common mistake that people generally do is in order to make an attractive and visually appealing website, they put a lot of graphics and effects which makes it really hard for the visitors to even operate the website, let alone be finding what they are looking for.

2. Content

Does an internet user visit your website just to look at how beautiful your website looks, how beautiful are your images and graphic content? No, Right? They are at your website because they are looking for a service or product that you provide. This could be anything. You could probably be given knowledge about a certain place or product, or you could be selling a service or product. But as long as your content is not catchy enough, you won’t be able to drive your customer to the point where he actually makes a purchase. Content gives all the necessary information about your business.

What draws a line between an Average and a Good Content?

Average content is just boring the visitor with a thousand words of irrelevant content. However, Good Content is the type of content that is written in order to answer all the questions a customer might have regarding any service or product. Good content is Reader-Oriented while an Average Content is written just for the sake of filling up space on the website.

How can you make your content stand out?

Here is how your content should be to be different than the average content:-

• Short and Precise Copy
You have very few seconds to hook your readers with the creativity of your content. So you need to be short and precise with your content. Never run around the bush when you are giving information to any reader. Talk straight forward and with the content show the benefits and features, which makes the content helpful for the readers.

• Update your Content on a regular basis
The content on your website has an expiry date. You can’t expect people to visit your website again and just scroll down your old content. You need to keep your content up-to-date. This helps you in two ways. One, with an upgraded content you can optimize your content for SEO and second, you give people reason to visit your website again and again as they know every time they will come to this website page, they will always find something that is beneficial and informative to them.

• Interact with your Customer in your content
Don’t write your website content as a third party. You should always be speaking to your visitors through your content.

3. Functionality

Better late than never. We have come to this topic later in the article, but this is one of the most crucial factors for your website to create the first impression. When someone visits your website, do you want them to look at the loading sign for a while before they get frustrated and choose to visit another website which loads quicker than yours?

4. User-Friendly

A website needs to be user-friendly to be able to attract more and more visitors. A website should be able to navigate the visitor correctly to his desired locations. User should understand the type of language and context you are talking in.

Here are the tips from top website company in Mumbai about how you can make your website user-friendly:-

• Simplicity
The simplicity of the website talks a lot about you and your business. You can keep your users glued to your website with valuable content and attractive designs. You don’t have to make it complex in order to make it creative and attractive

• Fast Loading Pages
Fast Loading pages improves the experience of the users. Since for everyone, time is money and we are in a fast-moving world, people don’t want to wait for a page to load to give them information. They have an ample amount of options to have the same information through other pages. For that matter you need to hire us, we are the leading responsive web design company in Mumbai.

• Maintaining consistency in layout
A consistent layout displays the professionalism of the business and speaks a lot about your nature of work. When you keep your layout consistent, It shows that everything that has been placed on the website has been placed there for a purpose. Nothing is out there on random without an intent to grab the attention of the visitor.

5. SEO

Last but not the Least. We are talking about Search Engine Optimisation. You have to get your website optimized for search result pages in order to get displayed among the first few results on the search page. We are the Top SEO Agency in Mumbai and we will help you to build a SEO Friendly website which could bring countless benefits for your business.

Being SEO friendly is one of the most important aspects for a website to drive traffic and hence start the sales funnel with the visitor.

Now you know how a website can be helpful to you in more than one way. Why not just connect with Trivoli Digital that is named among the Best website developing company in Mumbai.