Logo is the entry gate for a customer to the brand. To get that right, we were approached by the client to create a logo that is appealing and intriguing at the same time. A logo which speaks for itself as well as the company
In this digital era, making an online presence is not only a luxury but a necessity. Client wanted a space on internet which can give a platform to the consumers to know more about the company and it's services.


Since the client had to a unique product, so by default it calls for a unique logo. After analyzing the company's history and it's values, our graphic designers made the logo speak what a thousand words couldn't.
For an impactful online presence, Good content and Attractive graphics play a very important role. The best piece of both of them were put together in a proper structure to form a website.

Description Brief

Tripti Dry Ice Co was founded 25 years ago and their growth and success during this time is a testament to the hard work and dedication from their dynamic team. They are the first company to embark distributing dry ice blocks and Nuggets in and around the local and regional market across India.

Tripti Dry Ice


13 March 2015

Logo Design
Website Design
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