Client had a clear vision to establish and expand his business and what was left in the equation was a logo that significantly explains about the company imprints on the viewers mind.
Client required an online presence where all the details about the company could be framed in a structure and showcased. A website that can be found easily on search result pages


Logo is something that is displayed at every place of promotion. So understanding the value of it and the requirement of the client, our graphic designer came up with 3 logos and the client chose one of them which suited their demands.
An attractive and responsive website was made for the client, through which the visitors can get to know about the company and it's services. Made it user-friendly and filled with enough content for the visitor to find what they are looking for.

Description Brief

Tripti Gases Pvt. Limited is a leading player in the business of Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen & Dry Ice supplying around 18000MT per annum via in our own Road Tankers, Storage Tanks, protocryo, Dura cylinders, Cylinders and Cans in the form of Liquid and Gas. With a vision to be a world class leader in their Industry and expand themselves from serving Local to Global Markets by delivering highest of quality and customer satisfaction. The company aspire to be the leader in every market they serve, to the benefit of their customers and Employees.

Tripti Gases


17 Dec 2015

Logo Design
Website Design
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