Communication Services in Mumbai

Evolution of Communication mediums first came into existence with big Landlines and Bulky Computers. Then with time, it transformed itself into smaller PCs, Laptops, and now into Tabs and Phones. Trivoli Digital provides premium Communication Services in Mumbai. We are living in a world where almost everyone has at least one communication device and everyone is easily reachable. This has given the Marketers the opportunity to tap this field with a lot of services like Bulk SMS Service, Missed Call Service, Cloud Telephony Service, Voice Blast Service, Short Code and Long Code Service, Transactional Email Service and much more. These services have an effective reach and the potential to bring back positive responses from the audience. Do not have the misconception that since Digital Marketing has been introduced and is doing well that these Communication mediums have lost their value. It now has just shifted to being an additional perk for the marketers to add value to their brand and reach out to the mass in a cost-effective manner.

Bulk SMS Service

A service that gives you high reach at Low Cost with a possibility to precisely target audience with personalized messages with speed and flexibility. Trivoli Digital is one of the biggest Bulk SMS Service Providers in Mumbai.

Why is Bulk SMS important for your business?

1. Captures customer base
Pick out any big brand out of the buffet of this market, and try to name one brand that has made it big without having a bulk SMS service in their bucket. People consider Bulk SMS to be an old school method which doesn’t really work in this digital era. But attracting customers and building your own brand parallelly is made easy by this service.

2. Cost-Effective Method of Marketing
Bulk SMS is among the very few things that still deals in Paise. Not even a rupee is spent on one SMS. That’s why it is called Bulk SMS service. You buy a bulk of SMS for your company and company and in your basket, a certain number of SMSs are credited. And SMSs that you use are debited from that basket. So, it’s a very cost-effective method which helps you create good brand awareness among the people at a very low cost.

3. An astonishing open rate
Opening ratio od SMS depends totally on the attractiveness of the content. If first few words of your SMS can leave the reader intrigued enough to read the whole message, then most of your job is done. If the service or product you are pitching, suits their requirements, they will obviously take the further step in the sales funnel.

4. Satisfying and Convincing
SMS sent by a brand informing the customer about their product or the offer that is currently going on their product is highly convincing to the customer. A survey suggests that 98% of the SMSs are read by mobile phone users, and that is a pretty good marketing strategy for you. Receiving SMS is not considered to be just any other marketing channel, but a marketing medium that ensures the opening rate and reaches of your content.

Missed Call Service

This service helps your target audience inform you of their interest in your service/product, provide feedback and a lot more. Don’t lose out on this Lead Generation Technique.

Benefits of Missed Call Service

1. Connects your customers
Whether you are just starting off or you have already established your customer base. But attracting more customers and booming your business is always the motive of a businessman. Missed call service helps your customer to connect with you. Other than that, it also helps you for your lead generation, registration or coupon delivery.

2. Can make people subscribe to your feeds
With the help of Missed call service, you can get people to subscribe to your feeds and keep them informed about your service and product with an ease a missed call. It is an easy way to collect data of your perspective and existing customer. That could be better than having the phone numbers of your customers where you can connect to them any time you want and with an assured reach.

3. Helpful for your campaigns
If you are running a campaign and want to analyze it, missed call service is a very helpful resource of tracking it. When you infuse missed call service in your marketing campaign, you get the direct response from the people and you can make use of that data for the success of your campaign

Cloud Telephony Service

Operating on a comparatively reduced cost, it can help you improve control, access, and efficiency. The flexible working policy makes this service scalable helping you keep a track of your proceedings.

Cloud communications are Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications, switching, and storage are hosted by a third-party outside of the organization using them, and they are accessed over the public Internet.

Why Cloud Telephony

1. Keeps your business up round the clock
Cloud telephony is a service that adds a telephone line service to your brand where people can call 24*7 for inquiries and get any issue resolved. This is very important for your brand to add value or credibility. When people know that they can connect to you anytime they want, their loyalty towards your brand increases. This is how you can keep your existing customer base intact and can attract new customers. Word of mouth is one important aspect of marketing and cloud telephony brings it complimentary with itself.

2. Spread the wings of your Brand
Cloud telephony makes the job easier for the customers to play their part in the buying and after-sales phase. You can spread the wings of your business with the benefits of always being there for your customer. One number that can solve all the queries of your customer, regardless of their location, language or any other barrier.

Automated Outbound Service

This service gives a more personal touch to the customer with a wide audience reach. It helps you expedite your marketing process with being consistent.

Voice Blast service is an easy to use method for sending a recorded voice message through a voice broadcasting service, the voice message will be automatically delivered simultaneously to all of the phone numbers supplied by the sender.

What is the use of Automated Outbound Service?

1. Enormous reach
With automated outbound services, you can get in touch with an unimaginable audience who holds a phone in their hands. We know that we have more mobile phone users than the one who has access to the internet. And we all know, in this digital world, an overwhelming number of people use the internet. Is this information enough to give an in-depth understanding of how far and wide you can go with outbound services?

2. Spontaneous Feedback
With the help of Automated Outbound Services, you can reach out to people expecting quick feedback from them. It is the fastest and the most cost-effective medium of marketing and getting feedback from your targeted audience.

3. Leap in Productivity
Automated Outbound Service gives you the luxury to boost your task productivity. You can put your task of follow-ups, reminders, and announcements in an automated loop leaving the worry of doing it manually trying to lessen the errors. Once you leave these tasks on the machine, you get time to invest in something that actually pays off for the time invested into it.

Short Code Service

Shortcodes are short digit sequences, significantly shorter than telephone numbers that are used to address messages in the Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and short message service (SMS) systems of mobile network operators

Benefits of Short Code Service:

1. Uptime and Uninterrupted Service
Shortcode service offers an uptime and uninterrupted service where it runs smoothly regardless of any facto that may interrupt the working condition of any service. You can rely on this service to be functioning in any conditions. This gives you an edge while communicating with your audience. Trivoli Digital provides premium Short Code Services in Mumbai.

2. Customized Service
Shortcode service is like the “make your Own Meal” offer of a restaurant where you get to choose what you like and what suits your requirement the best.

3. Complete tracking and reports
You can track the activity of your shortcode. You get to know how many people are being reached with this service and how many inquiries has been sent by people who are interested in your product or service

Long Code Service
Long Code Services are also known as a dedicated phone number or large number or virtual mobile the number is the reception mechanism used by business to receive voice calls and SMS Messages. From last 10 years we are one of the best Long Code Service Providers in Mumbai.

Why Long Code Service?

1. A quick to set up service for your business at a cost that is pocket-friendly and ensures the reach to the vast public out there.

2. Popular keywords that helps you connect with your targeted audience in a more precise way.

To take advantage of all these services you need a company who could solely provide all the communication services in Mumbai, bulk sms service providers in Mumbai and have a team of expert to manage it.