How Does the Facebook Algorithm Works Pt.2

How Does the Facebook Algorithm Works Pt. 2

Hey Friends, so you are back here to understand the rules & regulations of Facebook which you should follow otherwise it will hinder your content from your target audience and you will miss your potential future customers (We are talking about algorithm). If you haven’t read the first part, we request you to go through that first. Done, now let’s go further

4. Sharing

Sharing is the best feedback you can get on your content. As per the Algorithm concern sharing of your post will bring you double benefits. First is obvious that your post’s reach will increase and second is Facebook will also do some additional contribution in boosting your reach and if your shared content gets more engagement then that will be a cherry on the cake. In other words, Facebook Is rewarding you for making such content which made its user share it in their own circle.

5. Quality Content

Content is the base on which all the above aspects depends on. If your content is not relevant and catchy then there will be no likes, no reaction, no comment, neither replies and no sharing. So, pay the maximum attention to your content because it is something which will make or break every other thing.

6. Visual Content

If you are a long time Facebook user you must have noticed the difference in the news feed. This content includes banners, videos, live videos. Visual Content is dominating the Algorithm, the reason is obvious that it gives the users a visual treat, increase engagement and represent your concept more clearly.


Yes, we know, you know and some of us are doing it too. You can manipulate this Algorithm on some aspect but do you think Facebook doesn’t know this? Yes, they know this and they hate it and making every possible effort to stop it. Don’t worry we aren’t telling you to stop doing it but pay more attention om the ethical way and creating relevant content.

Forever Changing

Hey after the second part you must have understood how this algorithm thing work. But it is something which has changed and will keep changing as per time. The bottom line is Facebook wants to keep its user engaged with relevant content and they will make every possible change to achieve that goal. Don’t worry we will keep you updated about the changes.

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