The client required a logo that is simple yet distinct and versatile yet targeted. Designed in a way that coveys company's ideology and have a long lasting impact on the consumer.
To build and foster a rapport among customers, client wanted a platform that also adds up to the credibility of the company


Design, Vision, Creativity and hardwork were put together to give face to the logo of the company that speaks for itself. A logo that gives a clear picture of the vision and excellence of the company.
Our team thought of doing something different for the client. So the website was given a theme that matches their profession. With attractive graphics and SEO friendly content, the website was made with an intention of hook the visitor in seconds

Description Brief

The KBJ Group is a family-owned company built by three generations of the Kamboj family over a period of more than five decades in the gold jewelry business. The heir of the family and present promoter of the Group has now diversified it into real estate, aviation and hospitality under the banner of KBJ Group, apart from expanding the family business.

KBJ Group


10 jul 2016

Logo Design
Website Design