Importance of content length for seo


Content plays an important role in catching the eyes of the audience. While surfing on the internet, people generally look for a place that provides them information brewed in a way that is attractive and engaging to the audience. The point where it differs from any other content form is when you wish to write content for your website and make it SEO friendly. Content marketers invest time and money creating quality content for SEO. It is one of the most important aspects of promoting your brand visibility online. Sometimes, content length plays a huge part in how Google evaluates the quality and relevance of the content. Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Its algorithms search for content that best delivers in the most effective way to the queries that users place on Google search engine. This is why many content marketers invest in content writers that can spend time writing relevant content that will push their brand, business, product or services to the first page of Google search engine. Now, you might say it is easier said than done. But, it is not impossible. You don’t have to be a famous brand to get there. All you have to do is maintain quality consistency in your output. Then, you must focus on creating lengthy content because if you have so much to say then writing less content wouldn’t be the best option. Your brand needs to explain in length about topics that are useful to your target audience.

Google search algorithm thoroughly analyzes various websites or articles online with precise information, straight to the point and lengthy. If you want to rank high with your content, you have to increase the length of your content. This shows Google that you invested time in writing and that you are well knowledgeable on the particular subject. That is what it shows when the content is lengthy. It shows an understanding of the subject and well informed as well. Also, it allows Google to rank you high because they trust that your content will be helpful to its users. That is the main priority in search engine optimization for search engines such a Google, Bing, etc.

Now, How is SEO friendly content different from the usual content?

SEO friendly content has to serve two purposes consecutively. On one hand, where people come to your website to know more about your services or products, on the other hand, you need to get people to your website in the first place to inform or educate them. When your website content is SEO friendly it becomes search engine optimized. Optimizing your website with the help of content helps you get ranked higher on the search engine result page. This is not just to inform or educate the visitor about something, but it is also to get visibility on the search engine result page. It is very important to write content differently for SEO because it depends on various factors. Search engine optimization requires content writers to follow certain criteria in order to rank high. The more you follow the criteria Google expects from your content, the better your chances are at ranking high on its search engine. SEO friendly content contains information that is valuable to searchers.

SEO content is different from the usual content because it requires your content to be optimized for search engine algorithms. This means your content needs to contain a certain amount of passive voice, active voice, transition words or even have a certain readability percentage. These are important factors for SEO content to have otherwise it might be hard to rank high on Google without having a good percentage amount of these. Google has made it easier and simpler for content writers today. It requires content that is in simple English that is easily understood and doesn’t contain lots of jargon. All you need to do is research on what keywords to use in the most appropriate way in your content. Also, you need to know how to write content that people search for on search engines. When writing for SEO, we cannot forget about how important headers are in optimization. It is the reason why content marketers invest time in creating headers that have important keywords and also help boost the SEO of the content.

How do you make content Optimized for Search Engines?

There are many ways that can help you get your website search engine optimized. It could be ethical, unethical, and a mixture of both. These are called a White hat, Black hat, and Grey hat SEO respectively. These are just the categories that SEO has been categorized into.

Using an ethical way that is, White hat SEO. White hat SEO refers to the optimum usage of optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics that is majorly focused on the internet users and falls under the rules and policies of search engine. Websites are optimized for the purpose of getting visibility on the search engine page but the relevancy and organic ranking is achieved through white hat SEO that is the ethical way of optimizing your website on the search engine result page. Now, what types of techniques do we use to optimize website white hat SEO? It is extensive research and analysis of keywords that have the most volume in terms of being searched and using those keywords in your content. Then, it comes back to the linking part, where you build links to improve link popularity. So before you write content for a website, always check if your content is fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirements for an effective SEO.

Using an unethical way that is Black hat SEO. This technique is not recommended or advised nor is it used by most of the SEO executives. The reason behind this can easily be interpreted by the name of this technique. This is the unethical way of getting your website ranked on the first page of the search engine page. But if you are using this, you might land up in trouble with search engine and there are good chances of getting blacklisted on that search engine. This is the incorporation of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques, and tactics and does not obey the search engine guidelines. People who don’t have a long term vision for their website and are looking for a quick financial return generally use Black Hat Search Engine Optimization. Keyword stuffing, Putting invisible texts, doorway pages and adding unrelated keywords to the content of the page or page swapping is a couple of ways by which white hat SEO optimizers use to get their website ranked. Before we move on to the next category of SEO, we are again bringing this to your notice that this is not a recommended way of optimizing your website on the search result page and one should not resort to this.

Using a technique that lies between white hat SEO and Black hat SEO that is Grey hat SEO. If you use grey hat SEO professionally, it can be an effective way to get your website to grab a higher ranking on the search engine result page. However, using grey hat SEO is equivalent to riding a bike without a helmet, maybe it will lead you to your desired destination but the journey could be dangerous. Since the SEO is content-driven, you need to be pretty sure of how and what you are going to do in the grey hat SEO.

We discussed the three types of techniques that you can use to optimize your website on the search engine result page. You must have understood by now that all the SEO techniques are content-driven. The more is your content, the more keywords you can incorporate in your webpage. The density of keywords defines the chances of you getting higher ranking when a particular keyword is searched. Just so you don’t make the classic fresher SEO executive mistake, optimizing a website on the search engine result page is not just about infusing keywords and expecting a higher ranking.

As much as the quantity of the content matters, an equal amount of role is played by the quality of the content. One major qualifying factor for any website to walk their way to the top is the quality of the content. Even though you have written a long content incorporating all the possible keywords one would search while looking for the information that your content provides, if the visitor is not satisfied with the content and leave the webpage in the middle and switch to some other website assuming a better content quality there, then also your website won’t be going any further in the search result page. You should always write content keeping in mind how your content engages and keeps the visitor glued to your webpage. The time a visitor spends on your website is a critical factor that allows search engines to filter the quality of information that you are providing to the internet users is actually useful to them and can be recommended to other people who are looking for the same kind of information.


This was an in-depth explanation of what role does content plays to make a search engine optimization effective. If you get a hang of the need of users or your target audience, you can easily optimize your webpage without worrying much about the guidelines of search engines. But, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to follow a guideline. Content marketing for SEO is a very effective way to grow any business. That is why we need to focus on writing content for the search engine so we gain more results than having our content become idle and ineffective.

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