How Does the Facebook Algorithm Works Pt. 1

How Does The Facebook Algorithm Works Pt.1?

Hey Folks, you must have come here to understand the following things ‘How Facebook algorithm works’, ‘What is this algorithm’ or Why does Facebook have one in the first place.’ Let us tell you that something which you already know Facebook is the BIGGEST social networking platform and from last few years it has become a part of our daily routine, a part which we don’t want to or we can’t skip. As per some survey, an average person spends almost 40 minutes daily on Facebook and that is a huge time. Now the algorithm is something related to reach of your post which means nothing for personal profiles and means everything to community pages, celebrity pages and most importantly the business pages.

Now let’s think from Facebook’s POV. Facebook is a company where all the users are its clients and they want everyone to spend maximum time on their platform. To achieve this goal, it has created some set of rules and regulations which is called the great ‘Facebook Algorithm’. The set of rules and regulations which you should follow and in exchange you will get a better reach.

1. Reaction

For a lot of years, Facebook only had a like button at the bottom of every post and time after time the demand for dislike button were rising. Facebook didn’t want to do that so they played a really smart move by introducing this feature where users get six options to react. This feature worked really well for them but how does it work for Algorithm? Well, it’s simple if someone reacts on your post then your post will get a minor increase in reach. Reactions actually symbolize the more interaction and that is what Facebook actually wants.


Facebook wants relevant content to keep its users engaged and Comments represent that you are succeeding in that aspect. So, try to keep your content more interactive (i.e. ask some question in your post) which will make your audience to use their fingertips. If you succeed in that then your post will get a better reach.

3. Comment Replies

No, No. We are not out of content and trying to stretch this blog so no one can show us the minimum words error. There is some sort of difference between only comments and comments replies. It works like this Comments represents the interaction and Comment Replies represents that your content made your audience have a conversation and Facebook loves that. So, keep creating content which will make your audience have a conversation and see how Facebook will take care of your post reach.

Now you must have thought you have figured out the whole ‘Facebook Algorithm’ but guess what? You haven’t. There is another part coming where we will explain the remaining factors so stay tuned for the second part. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to take their business on a digital platform feel free to give us a call. We, At Trivoli, are one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai. We provide several services like Search Engine Optimization in Mumbai. We are the Social Media Company in Mumbai which will take your business at the fingertips of the target audience.

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