4 Methods of Promoting Your Restaurant Digitally

4 Methods of Promoting Your Restaurant Digitally

After the arrival of the Internet, the Restaurant Sector and it’s promotion strategy has flipped 360-Degree. If you are normal analyzer of Market then you knew the most experimental sector in the last few years is the Restaurant sector. Digital Marketing for Restaurant has become necessary for their growth.

In the last decade inventions like Instagram and Facebook has been a game-changer for the development of the Restaurant sector.

Trivoli Digital has adapted those impactful changes and we are happy to share our own secret checklist of Excellent Digital Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Sector.

So let’s go through the 4 methods of Digital Marketing Strategy for Restaurant

Online Food Delivery App

Online Food Delivery Apps

App Names like Zomato and Swiggy are no more strange words for anyone. Nowadays there is no need to go out to eat, you could just order it while sitting on your couch. These apps have brought the biggest revolution in the restaurant sector.

By 2023 this industry is going to be a 17.02 Billion USD Industry. While ordering food online is the hottest trend now but the reason behind this shift are diverse. As per one survey, 95% of the people due to the attractive offers and discount, 84% thinks that it is time-saving and 73% chose this option due to the level of variety it offers.

As per the current scenario, three big giants are ruling the Online Food Delivery Sector. Those are Zomato and Swiggy.

1. Zomato


Zomato started in 2008 is now the most popular food delivery app in India. They started as a Restaurant Search App initially but then it got converted in Food Delivery App.

Registering your account on Zomato is the best way to be explored by your customers. This app has brought the biggest revolutions in the Indian Food industry.

Not just this app will help you to increase your business through delivery but it will help you to increase the offline business also. If someone searches for a restaurant in your local area then Zomato could give your suggestion.

Want your business get listed on Zomato. The process is easy and simple. You could just get on their website and submit your restaurant details form. Thereafter the process will be completed by Zomato Team.

2. Swiggy

Swiggy is the second-best food delivery app in India. The working of both these apps is almost the same. Swiggy was founded in 2014.

If you have accounts on both Zomato and Swiggy then you are pretty much accessible for all the audience. These two apps have played a really vital role in the revolution of this industry.

Getting your restaurant listed on Swiggy is an easy and simple process. You just need to get on their website and fill up some basic details. After that Swiggy representatives will get in touch with you for further process.

Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Remember the day when restaurants used to make those pamphlets and big banners to promote their food. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat has been a really big ice breaker for their industry.

Not just the industry but Social Media has deeply affected the way we look at our food. Getting through your Instagram and Snapchat Stories and finding food snaps in it is a normal routine. Those snaps don’t surprise us anymore.

Nowadays restaurants don’t need any platforms other than Social Media to promote themselves and their product. They just have to deliver quality food and attractive presentation and BOOM! it will be promoted by their own customers. You have two options here if you have a detailed understanding of Algorithms of Social Media Platforms then you could do it by yourself otherwise it is better to hire a Digital Marketing Agency to promote your restaurant.

On the other hand, restaurants should also have their own presence on all the trending social media platforms. Below is the social media platform checklist, make sure you keep your profile active on all of them.

3. Instagram


Everyone was surprised when Facebook bought this app for that humongous amount. But now everyone has realized how accurate Facebook was about the future trend.

Instagram is the place where you could attract your target audience by promoting your restaurant. You could do this with attractive content like photographs and appealing offers.

Instagram offers lots of features which you could utilize to promote your restaurant.

Instagram Stories
Use this feature to showcase the instore environment of your website. This will build a healthy relationship with your audience and create a close connection with them.

You could make your private TV channel through this feature. Just shoot some short videos about any recipe or promotional video and add it on your channel.

Instagram Feed
This is the first thing everyone sees when they visit your page. You need to keep it engaging and beautiful.

4. Pinterest


Pinterest is a platform where users save, share, bookmark and make a collection of their favorite pics. You could use Pinterest to promote your restaurant through visual mediums.

Share Your Food Photos
As a restaurant, the photo of your dishes is the primary asset and Pinterest is a platform to utilize those photos.

Make Attractive Pin Boards
On Pinterest, you could create several boards for particular subjects. For example, if you want to show your burger collection then you could create a separate board of Burger.

These are some platforms where your restaurant must have a presence. If you utilize these platforms strategically then you will definitely see growth in the popularity of your business. The main motto behind using these platform is to create a bonding with your audience.

Managing all these platforms could be a little bit difficult for an owner. So it is better to hire a Digital Marketing Agency to manage your social media presence.

Thanks for reading but it was the easiest job to do. So, don’t just read take your first step and start your digital journey now.